Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"You're tall, but worth the climb"

Apparently it's common knowledge that young women alone in cars should never pick up hitch hikers. NEVER! The problem with this is that sometimes the person walking on the side of the road looks like they need help, or they walk towards your car when you are at a stop sign, or you have some other moment of weakness and end up with a stranger in your car. This is NOT recommended, however, on the occasion that it does happen you are very likely to get a great story out of it.

Two summers ago I was driving home, there was an older man at the stop sign where I was turning (insert moment of weakness) and the next thing I know I was offering him a ride. Naturally I ask him where he's going and where he's coming from. He had left New York at the wee small hours of the morning and gotten on a flight to Ohio, then changed planes to Denver. He had grabbed a bus from DIA to Denver, gotten a ride to Golden, walked to the Stop sign and needed to get to Red Rocks. He on his way to a Phish concert...he was getting there 3 days early to help set up. Anyways as were passing by the Hot Tub cabins he begins to comment on my height. The monologue commences with, "If anyone tells you, You're tall but worth the climb, don't go with them...I said that to one of my ex-wives once...ah but she was worth the climb..." At just about that point I decided it was time to get him out of my car and take a sneaky way home so he'd never follow me or find me ever EVER again!!!!!


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